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Need to remember a place? Save it in your Capsule.

Capsule let's you save the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks and other places you want to remember.

Add tags, notes and find places on your list through a simple search.

  • "this sleek little app is a great way to keep a list of places you want to go to, complete with quick directions. It beats manually keeping a list yourself, and it’s fun to use."
    - App Advice
  • "Capsule is a really nifty app if you love exploring new places and want an easy way to save them. "
    - Beautiful Pixels

  • "Capsule takes the simple approach. Pull out your iPhone and you can either view nearby spots on a map or search for them by name. Tap to save, add tags or notes and you’re done."
    - Cult of Mac

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    Tags & Notes

    Add tags and an optional note whenever you save a place. For example, add the tag "Lunch" to all your lunch places or add the tag "Jane" for all places your friend Jane recommended.

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    My List

    Open My List and easily find places you've saved nearby. You can also try searching My List by city, type of cuisine, addresses, tags and notes.

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    Save places worldwide

    Find and Save places around the world by changing your location to another city. Tap the red icon on the upper right hand corner of the homescreen and you'll be able to search and find any city in the world.